Conference on Gauged Symplectic Invariants and Related Topics

发布时间: 2023-10-30 来源: 信息科学技术学院

This conference serves as a platform to bring together active researchers in the fields of symplectic geometry and mathematical physics, fostering the exchange of ideas and facilitating the sharing of their latest advancements. The conference program is set to commence on December 25, with the arrival date being December 24, and the event will conclude on December 29.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Mohammed Abouzaid   (Stanford University )

  • Kwokwai Chan       (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

  • Bohui Chen         (Sichuan University)

  • Chengyong Du        (Sichuan Normal University)

  • Bohan Fang         (Peking University)

  • Shuai Guo          (Peking University)

  • Johanna Knapp       (University of Melbourne)

  • Changzheng Li       (Sun Yat-Sen University)

  • Qin Li                 (Southern University of Science and Technology)

  • Xiaobo Liu         (Peking University)

  • Jeongseok Oh        (Imperial College London)

  • Kaoru Ono          (Kyoto University)

  • Shuaige Qiao                  (Peking University)

  • Emanuel Scheidegger  (Peking University)

  • Li Sheng          (Sichuan University)

  • Yunhe Sheng        (Jilin University)

  • Hao Sun           (South China University of Technology)

  • Bai-Ling Wang       (Australian National University)

  • Jun Zhang          (University of of Science and Technology of China)

  • Yang Zhou          (Fudan University)

  • Zhengyu Zong        (Tsinghua University)

  • Scientific Committee

    An-Min Li,   Kaoru Ono,   Yongbin Ruan,   Gang Tian



    Bohui Chen,   Hai-Long Her,   Jianxun Hu,   Bai-Ling Wang

    How to get here: By Taxi from the Baiyun International Airport or one of those train stations to Guangdong Yingbin Hotel 
    (Baidu Map of the Hotel: No. 603, Jiefang North Road) .

    Support: This conference is supported by 
    Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

    Registation and hotel room booking: The hotel rooms are very limited. If you would like to book a room via us, please send an email to   for a registration form.